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Art Of The Title: Taxi Driver (1976) by Dan Perri

One of the purpose for creating a title design is  to tease the audience, what are they going to see for the next 2 hours? Hopefully, those first minutes makes them glued to the their seat and enjoy the adrenaline rush before the movie starts.

For Dan Perri’s design in Taxi Driver, we see the world of Travis Bickle through his own eyes as he observes the city streets in New york. This provides an insight into Travis mind and his relationship with the city. Then we hear Bernard Herrman’s iconic saxophone medley theme song to support the melancholy mood, and it just fits perfectly. Also, the use of beautiful vibrant colors contrast with a night scenery. The title design is haunting and beautiful, and somehow you can help but think “okay, what the hell am I getting myself into?” you can almost hear Scorsese replying,”Oh you have no idea.”

(vía cinematicfantastic)


Daehyun Kim (AKA Moonassi)

  • Interface, 2014
  • Pain-proof, 2014
  • Floating head, 2014
  • Attached, 2014
  • See real time, 2014
  • Ray of light, 2014

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